Introducing Direct Mail for a Digital World

An intelligent marketing-based solution to track and enhance your direct mail campaigns.

How effective are your direct mail campaigns? For most organizations, tracking the results is difficult, making it hard to justify future investments. Others might know their campaigns work by a modest jump in responses, but they wish for even better results. These are precisely the challenges we’re out to solve with our latest technology: IQ Mail.


We’ve Elevated Direct Mail to a Whole New Level

It’s no secret that direct mail can be successful, but it’s an offline tool without the benefits of online trackability and performance enhancement – until now. IQ Mail is our marketing-based direct mail solution designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing results through the integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Informed Delivery ® by the USPS.

We can pair this cutting-edge technology with any direct mail campaign to help you:

• Know how well your direct mail is working
• Quantify and enhance the results
• Determine return on investment (ROI)

Direct mail works. With this innovative new solution, we’ll make it work even better. Reach out to our IQ Mail team to schedule a free demo.

IQ Mail is for Everyone

IQ Mail has the power to amplify any organization’s direct mail campaign, no matter the vertical. Every organization stands to benefit, from admissions and year-end appeals from higher education institutions to fundraising and development campaigns from non-profits.


  • Higher education
  • Non-profits
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Food
  • Health care
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Many other industries

Is IQ Mail right for your organization’s direct mail campaigns? Contact us to schedule your free demo.


Lift your Direct Mail Results by 23-46%

Every time your audience is exposed to your message, it’s a “touchpoint,” and we know that 80% of sales happen between the 8th and 12th touch. Why does it take so many touchpoints to get a response? Because repetition increases familiarity, comfort, and top-of-mind awareness. IQ Mail aims to add 8 to 16 touches to every direct mail recipient with a single mailer, sky-rocketing your results by an average of 23-46% over traditional direct mail. It’s the newest – and smartest – way to mail.

If you’re ready for amplified results, contact us to schedule an IQ Mail demo.

IQ Mail Benefits

The benefit of IQ Mail is simple: It helps you become a better marketer.
Here’s how:

Track campaign effectiveness

The challenge with traditional direct mail is that it’s hard to track. How do you know if a recipient responds to your offer or appeal? This idea of tracking attribution from your mailer is one way IQ Mail brings your offline direct mail efforts into the digital age. Using one easy-to-access dashboard, you’ll know who has responded to the mail piece and whether they chose to connect via your website, social media channels, or over the phone. Tracking your campaign results in this way can help you make more data-informed decisions to improve ROI.

Increase campaign exposure

IQ Mail uses an omnichannel marketing approach, turning a single mailer impression into multiple impressions to the same audience across several platforms. When your recipients see a consistent message on your mailer, in their social media feed, and on other websites, it generates 8 to 16 touchpoints that dramatically affect your campaign’s results. This concept is different than a multi-channel approach, where audiences may see varying messages depending on the platform they’re using. While multi-channel marketing works well for branding, it doesn’t have the same effect on direct mail. IQ Mail’s omnichannel strategy with multiple impressions of the same message is like sending reminders, continually driving recipients to your website to respond to your offer or appeal.

Improve campaign response rate

Most organizations land 80% of their sales, or conversions, between the 8th and 12th touchpoint with an audience. By dramatically amplifying your campaign exposure across many platforms, IQ Mail transforms your single direct mailer into multiple touchpoints, enhancing your campaign results by an average of 23-46%. The unique integrated marketing approach lets you get more mileage out of your campaign investment.

Calculate ROI

Before IQ Mail, it was nearly impossible to accurately calculate a direct mail campaign’s ROI, primarily because of the difficulty tracking offline results. With its robust built-in tracking capabilities, IQ Mail effectively attributes and quantifies the results of your mail campaign so that you can look at your goals and discern what’s working – and what isn’t. Calculating ROI for your direct mail campaigns helps ensure your future marketing decisions are more astute.

You can reap these benefits on your next campaign. Schedule a free demo to learn more.


How IQ Mail Works

How does IQ Mail enhance the tracking and effectiveness of direct mail? We take your mailing list and campaign message and then deploy all, or some of, the following seven technologies:


People are more inclined to take action when they’ve seen your message on social media before receiving a mailing. With the SocialMatch component of IQ Mail, we pre-match your mailing list to social media accounts, find recipient profiles, and deliver digital social media ads before, during, and after mailing arrives. The idea is to increase the number of touchpoints, increasing the odds of receiving a response.


Mail Tracking is synced with Google Maps to predict and confirm when your mailing will reach your recipients’ mailboxes, just like a package. The projected delivery date helps you prepare for new calls and leads, while the detailed delivery confirmation offers peace of mind. Your IQ Mail dashboard even includes such details as the percentage of mail that has arrived and the percentage left to be delivered, continually keeping you in the loop.


Informed Delivery is a free notification service from USPS that sends an email preview of the mail arriving that day. On the day of your mailer’s scheduled arrival, IQ Mail allows you to attach an interactive ad on the recipients’ daily Informed Delivery email featuring the same message on your mailer. Beyond merely seeing the ad in the email, recipients can click on it to visit your website for more information on your offer or appeal. As opposed to emailing a cold lead list, the Informed Delivery feature allows you to show up in your target audience’s inbox through a safe and familiar source, dramatically increasing the click-through rate (CTR).


Call Tracking from IQ Mail helps you track your campaign’s effectiveness without having to ask callers how they heard about you. You’ll receive a local or toll-free number that will appear on your direct mailing. The Call Tracking feature tracks and records every call from your mailing and generates complete demographic caller data with their identity and Google Maps location. It’s an added layer of tracking to prove attribution – you can even use the data as a lead generation tool for future text campaigns.


Unfortunately for marketers, 96% of visitors leave a website without taking action – but that doesn’t mean they won’t return when prompted. The Online Follow-Up component of IQ Mail handles this prompting for you. When visitors leave your site, they will see your ads on other websites they visit, re-engaging them using retargeting ads through the Google Display Network. This strategic retargeting effort helps increase the percentage of people who return and complete the conversion process by 26%.


Beyond seeing your digital ads on websites they visit, your direct mail recipients will also see them on their Facebook and Instagram news feeds using a similar retargeting strategy. The intelligence of IQ Mail can detect visitors’ social media platforms who visit your site and don’t respond to your offer or appeal. It will serve up digital reminder ads, further increasing exposure to your mailing message and improving the chances of receiving a response.


IQ Mail’s LEADMatch feature works in two ways. First, it provides mailing attribution, identifying who came to your website from the mailing and recording their actions. Second, it identifies anonymous website visitors with 95% accuracy to help you build an even more effective lead mailing list. Now, you can send direct mailings to these new lead matches through IQ Mail to further engage with interested users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need IQ Mail?

Because it works! IQ Mail is our latest technology designed to help you market smarter. It allows you to track your direct mail campaign’s performance quickly and accurately, delivering data-informed insights for future campaigns. This innovative technology also enhances your campaign’s effectiveness by dramatically increasing exposure to your mailing’s message, lifting results by an average of 23-46% over traditional direct mail. Calculating and increasing your ROI from a single mailer is the incredible value this technology delivers.

What does IQ Mail include?

IQ Mail is an integrated marketing solution that we can pair with any direct mailing. It uses an omnichannel approach with seven technologies designed to enhance your campaign’s tracking and effectiveness, including SocialMatch, Mail Tracking, Informed Delivery, Call Tracking, Online Follow-Up, Social Media Follow-Up, and LEADMatch.

Do I need to use all seven IQ Mail technologies?

We recommend deploying all seven of the IQ Mail technologies to maximize your campaign insights and performance. However, this solution is entirely customizable to suit your organization’s needs. If one or more of the seven technologies don’t make sense for your organization, we can easily omit them from your campaign.

Will IQ Mail change my direct mail strategy?

IQ Mail is not meant to overtake or replace any other direct mail strategy. It simply pairs with your campaign to help you track and increase exposure to the same people with the same message across multiple platforms.

How will I access IQ Mail’s tracking and performance insights?

When you sign up for IQ Mail, you’ll receive access to a custom dashboard that reveals all the data and insights from your campaign that we’ll gather using the seven IQ Mail technologies. We can also create multiple dashboard logins so that your colleagues or clients can have unique access to this intelligent and innovative solution for direct mail. The dashboard is interactive, allowing you to search and filter gathered information in real-time.

Do you have a question about IQ Mail?
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